Fans React As DJ Switch Releases New Video

Yesterday Nigerians witnessed a second wave of the EndSars protest across few states in Nigeria, recall that the first phase of the protest was halted after it was alleged, that armed Nigerian soldiers, and police officers shot at unarmed peaceful protesters on the 20/10/2020.

The gruesome murder which was alleged to had happened, had made most Nigerian youths to stop the protest for the fear of losing their lives, however after the end of the first wave of the protest, Nigerian youths began demanding for justice over the incidence which occurred at Lekki.

This demands spurred actions as investigative panel were set up to look into the matter, but Nigerians who were angry, and unhappy with the circumstances surrounding the Lekki investigation began threatening, and promising another wave of the EndSars protest.

Following their plans, the second phase of the protest kicked off at states such as Lagos, Oshogbo and Abuja yesterday.

the protest had made President Muhammad Buhari address the issues of the second wave of the protest, in a tweet from the Presidency handle, the President had made it known that although he was all for a peaceful protest, that he would ensure to deal forcibly with an form of hooliganism hiding behind the peaceful protest.

Just after the President remark, popular disc jockey Catherine Udeh popularly known as DJ Switch, who Nigerians have over the months come to love for her unmatched bravery, had come to remind Nigerians in her new video posted on Instagram on the need to keep voicing out and demanding for a better life.

Recall, that Dj Switch was the female heroine who had gone live through her Instagram session on the 20/10/20, to video some footage about the Lekki Massacre.

many Nigerians got to know about the Massacre as a result of Dj Switch live Instagram session, although after her Instagram session recording the Lekki Massacre, the Nigerian Army denied being present, and killing anybody, they even went further to term the videos airing the alleged shootings as fake videos and Photoshopped.

Dj Switch, who has been rumored to have fled Nigeria seeking asylum in a foreign country, had made a new video yesterday after the news of the Second wave of protest spread, she could be seen encouraging Nigerians to not relent but keep using their voices to speak out against the government.

Below are some photo extracts from the new video she released:

Many Nigerians after watching her video On Instagram pleaded with her not to return to Nigeria, as they sensed that she might want to come back to join in the second wave of the protest.

Watch The Video Below

Her video generated lots of reactions as her fans while amidst praising her, urged her to remain where she was, reminding her that Nigeria was not safe for her yet, although Dj Switch had not been placed wanted or is been pursued by the Federal government, most Nigerians feel that the Dj is not safe here in Nigeria.

<p class="has-drop-cap" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"><strong>Below are screenshots of the reactions generated from her new video:</strong>Below are screenshots of the reactions generated from her new video:

What are your opinions about this? Do you agree that Dj Switch should remain where she is?

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