Checkout What Dora Posted After Prince Was Announced As The New Ambassador of A Brand.

Dorothy and Prince are two former housemates who became close to each other, and even after leaving the house are still supporting each other, and standing by themselves.

Recently, prince Nelson was made the ambassador of Guinness drink and the video that ca

me along with it was full of majestic and royalty, it was really nice, and he seems very exited at the honor.

However, in the bid to celebrate her friend Dorothy took to her social media account to gush about the way her friend prince was welcomed into the Guinness family.

She wrote.

They shot a whole movie for him, wooooow a true champion.

This is what friendship is all about, supporting each other and also celebrating one another’s success I mean that’s true friendship, validating each other, and that’s what these two former housemates dose for one another.

Here are some photos from the video.

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