Trump Can’t Believe It As Joe Is Linked To One Of The Directors Of A Firm That Created DVS Software.

New day, new drama as president-elect Joe Biden has been linked with a retired admiral (Peter) thought to be involved with Dominion Voting System.

Recall that Trump had previously blamed his loss on Dominion; claiming that the system deleted over 2 million votes of his nationwide.

Donald Trump has so far refused to concede defeat to Biden despite the wide margin in electoral college votes between the two presidential candidates.

A new revelation has now been made which Trump had to retweet to create more awareness to it.

Check it out below.

According to a post made by Stonewall Jackson, “A man named Peter Neffenger a retired Admiral is president and listed on the board of directors of “Smartmatic”.

Going further, the post by Stonewall revealed that Smartmatic which Neffenger is among the board of directors “created the software for Dominion” while stating that Neffenger is also on the “Biden transition team”.

Donald Trump on seeing the post couldn’t believe his eyes and subsequently reacted with the captions “no way” and “this is crazy”.

Does this mean there are more twist to this election than meets the eye? Or is this one of Trump’s strategies to prolong his claims of election malpractice?

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