Watch What A Woman Was Caught Doing To A Small Girl On A Bus That Made Other Passengers Blast Her

Parents and guardians need to know that there is a thin line between Discipline and Child abuse. Parents often abuse their kids in the name of discipline, and it is good to see some people take action against anyone abusing a child even inside a vehicle as just as this case below

Some passengers on a bus were forced to rise to the defense of a small girl after they caught a woman, who may be her mother abusing her in the name of discipline.

After seeing what the manner in which the little girl was being abused by this woman, some passengers began to record the incident on camera while others starting chanting end bad mothers!. The woman who was holding a baby, tried to hide her face and soon after she began to physically attack the passengers

She also attacked the little girl all over again, much to the displease of the passengers who began to question the little girl if the woman was her biological mother or not

We really need to reconsider our stance on corporal punishment. It has affected children both mentally and physically in a negative way. Children who are constantly abused in the name of discipline lose their confidence and sharp mind. Children have been severely injured. It seems to have done more harm than good