A Lot Of Marriages Have Failed Because People Don’t Check The Backgrounds Of Those They Marry – Counselor Charlotte Oduro (VIDEO)

The rate at which divorce is increasing among young couples is alarming. Most young couples have complained about infidelity among other issues which has made them divorce their spouses after few years of marriage.

Well, popular relationship and Marriage expert, Counselor Charlotte Oduro has stated that the reason most marriages fail is because most couples marry with their canal minds without going into the realm of the spirit.

Speaking in an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, Counselor Charlotte reiterated that most people don’t check the background of the people they marry.

” A lot of Marriages have failed because of the kind of people we choose as a partner. Most people just go in for the looks, the bank account and the skin tone without checking the person’s character. Marriage without spiritual backing is doomed for failure. You can’t go and marry someone without knowing how the person was raised, what history they have in the family among other things.” She stated.

Listen to a snippet of the interview below;