ENDSARS: Protest Rock Lagos Judicial Panel As Students Demand Justice For Colleague Killed By Police

ENDSARS: Protest Rocks Lagos Judicial Panel As Students Demand Justice For Colleague Killed By Police [PHOTO]

Nigerian students have stormed the premises of the Lagos State Judicial Investigation Group to protest against the murder of journalist Pelumi Onifade, who was killed by police officers belonging to the Lagos State Task Force.

Onifade, a 200-year-old student in the History Department of the Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ogun State, reported on 24 October as an intern for Gboah TV on the crisis between the police and some thugs when he was arrested by the Task Force team in Oko-Oba, Agege, Lagos.

He was later found dead in a morgue in Ikorodu, about 35 kilometres from his arrest.

His colleagues protesting his death said that the police team led by Yinka Egbeyemi should be released immediately and brought before a competent court for murder.

“Pelumi was arrested and the task force kept him away from his people.

After a few days, Egbeyemi called us for a meeting and the task force asked us to search a morgue in Ikorodu where we had found Pelumi’s body,” said Shoneye Abdulazeez, President of the TASUED students’ union, speaking on behalf of the protesting students.

He added: “The Nigerian state knew that Pelumi had the records of the shooting and the illegality they committed, they had to kill him to cover their tracks.

The students also called on the state government to dissolve the task force, as it had become notorious for carrying out indiscriminate arrests, illegal detentions and killings of citizens.

Onifade’s family is demanding justice from the government of Lagos State, the Inspector General of the Police and the State Police Commissioner for the murder of their son.

The deceased’s uncle called for an investigation into the circumstances of his death and urged the prosecution of the police officers involved in the murder of Onifade.

During today’s meeting, the Judicial Committee, as previously reported, reproduced the video footage of the shooting of Lekki on 20 October.

Doris Okuwobi, the chairman of the committee, authorised the reproduction of the images after hearing the lawyers.

Recall that earlier this week, Abayomi Omomuwansa, the CEO of LCC, said that the security cameras set up by the company had stopped recording so that the footage of the soldiers being shot by #EndSARS protesters on Tuesday 20 October was no longer recorded.

He made this statement on Tuesday when he presented the video footage of the incident to the Lagos State Investigation and Restitution Group, which is investigating allegations of brutality and killings by SARS men, as well as the shooting of soldiers at the Lekki tollgate, which, according to witnesses, killed 15 protesters and left dozens injured.

According to Omomuwansa, on the night of the shooting, the cameras stopped working from 8 p.m. and added that they had been tampered with. Several reports indicate that the shooting began at around 19:00.

“I can confirm that the video that our surveillance camera was able to record for 20 October is in here,” he said.

Omomuwansa said that the surveillance cameras are called PTZs; where P allows the camera to pan, T allows the camera to tilt and Z allows the camera to zoom.

“I can categorically confirm that we have never, ever tampered with these surveillance cameras. Therefore, we can still get the pictures. Until 8 o’clock, when it was tampered with and we couldn’t get any more footage,” he said.

The Court Committee had visited the toll station where the CCL assured him that the recording from their Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system was intact on the night of the incident.

The company had also stated that the power failure on the night of the shooting was due to the fact that staff had been removed from their offices; therefore they were unable to switch on the emergency generators when the power failed.