Comments Flood Social Media Over What Biden Say He Will Do for Muslims in America if he Wins

Nigerians have flooded social media platforms with comments over what US Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden say he will do to all Muslims living in America should he win the Presidential election and become the next President of the United States.

Biden who is ahead in the polls told a group of Muslims that they should be proud of his lead, becouse if he becomes president, Islam will be treated equally to Christianity.

His words, “Be proud, be proud, I mean it. If I become president, I will treat Islam like every other confessional faith.”

As at penning this, Biden currently leads with 253 electoral votes or 264 if the 11 electoral votes from the southwestern state of Arizona are included.

He is thus 17 or just 6 short of the required 270 to be declared the winner.

His Republican opponent and incumbent President Donald Trump is already alleging fraud in the election.

He is demanding the halting of counting on the allegetion that votes were casted after polls were closed.

“STOP THE COUNT!” Trump tweeted on Thursday morning.

Nigerians have however continued to react to Biden’s promise to American Muslims with diverse opinions on social media.

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