Presidential Election in the United States: An American Evangelist Predicts The Winner

In the United States, Pat Robertson, founder of Christian Broadcasting Network predicted the winner of the next American presidential election. According to him, Donald Trump will be re-elected which will then lead to the end of the planet.

Robertson predicted in his Tuesday show that “The next thing to do is elections, which are just a few weeks away, where the president will take place, according to what I think that the Lord had told me. Returned.” The evangelist added later that “The triumph of the Republic will lead to civil strife and war over Israel and so forth.”

The end of this war is also already predetermined according to the preacher. “A war, then a time of peace, will take place,” said Robertson. “And perhaps the finish, then. “He added. He added.

The opinion of this evangelist on these worldly affairs is on the Internet. Many Internet users laughed at him as a “legitimate” viewpoint on reality.

Many observers considered that Joe Biden had ample justification to vote for this preacher, between the re-election of the White House tenant and the literal apocalypse.

The Evangelist was a firm proponent of the present President of the United States. However, the last year, when Robertson said Trump “lossed the mandate from heaven” to remove US troops from Syria, the two seemed to have quarreled together.

The pastor predicted since the 1970s the end of the earth. Meanwhile, he had said that in 1982, then in 2007, this would happen again. However, no follow-up ever without.

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