#LekkiMissingPersons: Photos Emerged On Twitter And Facebook

#LekkiMissingPersons: Photos Emerged On Twitter and Facebook

Currently trending on the internet are photos of persons last seen on Tuesday, 20 October, at the Lekki Toll gate. Without doubt, these are some of the victims of the Lekki toll gate massacre.

These photos are coming few hours after the Lagos State government denied the massacre that took place at the Lekki toll gate on Tuesday night. According to governor Babajide, there was no such thing as “massacre” at the Lekki Toll Gate, and no death case recorded. He tagged such stories propaganda and challenged EndSARS protesters to provide proof of those claimed to have been killed by the Nigerian army.

You will recall that peaceful protesters were alledgedly shot and killed by members of the Nigerian army, in the late hours of Tuesday, 20th October, at the Lekki toll gate, in Lagos State.

Despite video evidence, the Nigerian army have denied involvement. In other words, they claim they were not at the scene of the incident, and therefore, were not the ones that shot at the protesters.

Meanwhile, the Lagos State government, adminted that soldiers were deployed to the scene to restore order and not to kill any protester.

Governor Babajide accused EndSARS protesters for spreading lies. According to the governor, there was no such thing as massacre at the Lekki toll gate on Tuesday, and no death case was recorded. He tagged such rumours ” propaganda.”

But video evidence show contrary.

DJ Switch, who came live on instagram during the attack, uncovered what happened. People were seen dying of gun wounds.

According to eye witness, 15 dead bodies were counted after the attack, but the dead bodies were carted away by the Nigerian army thereafter, which many claim was an attempt by the army to cover up their mess. 

However, more proofs continue to surface to attest to the fact that lives were lost that night. Photos of persons last seen at the ground of the incident are currently trending on Twitter and Facebook. I deem it fit to avail my readers the opportunity of seeing these photos.

Here are the photos, arranged in no particular order:

Now, my question is, what more evidence, do they need to admit to the fact that tens of peaceful protesters were shot and killed for no just cause, by members of the Nigerian army.

And having seen these photos, do you stil believe that no life was lost on Tuesday 20th October at the Lekki Toll Gate?  

Perhaps you still believe that the story of the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre is a propaganda.

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