History Relates, Black Tuesday 20 /10 /2020 – Massacre of Nigerian Citizens

….. A game of Chess or Politics?

“Ordinary Lekki Toll Gate That We Blocked, Tinubu Is Dropping Notes”-Nigerians weep for Tinubu

Nigerians have trooped to their twitter account to claim that Tinubu is dropping notes over these End SARS Protests because of the Lekki Toll Gate that they have blocked for days now. Bola Ahmed Tinubu posted a long statement today on twitter concerning the End SARS Protests, Tinubu made it clear that President Buhari has has scrapped SARS and has also accepted the 5 points demands that the protesters sent to him, he begged them to call off the protests and give the president time to implement the demands.

He also told them that they have gained a lot of gains these few days and they shouldn’t lose those gains over lack of strategic thinking. Moments after Bola Ahmed made the statement, Nigerians have taken to their twitter account to claim that he is now concerned with the ending of the protests because they are blocking the Lekki Toll Gate. As you know that End SARS Protesters have been blocking Lekki Toll Gate for days now, denying motorists access to pass.

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“Ordinary Lekki Toll Gate That We Blocked, Tinubu Is Dropping Notes”

“Ordinary Lekki Toll Gate that we blocked”


A game of Chess or Politics?

It was Alleged that Government Officials Cut Off Lekki Toll Gate Cameras – tweet

End SARS protesters around Lekki Toll Gate were advised to stay off the location after some men arrived the toll gate and cut off all the security cameras.

According to a Twitter user [Da_Rapstaman] who disclosed the incident, the men who cut off the cameras claimed they were sent by the government to do so.

The development has, however, raised the eyebrows of citizens as they advised that protesters at the location should leave immediately, noting that the cutting off of the cameras is a bad signal as something dangerous could be coming.

Moments after, Security agents opened fire on peaceful #EnDSARS protesters still on the road after the Lagos states’ announcement of a curfew, scheduled to begin at 4:00 p.m on Tuesday evening.

Governor Sanwo-Olu however Claimed that criminals hid under the #EndSARS protests to unleash mayhem on innocent citizens and not Soldiers .

How sad! Corpses Of Peaceful EndSARS Protesters Litter the Street After Bloodbath by Soldiers

Unarmed, peaceful #EndSARS protesters were singing the National Anthem and General @MBuhari’s soldiers still shot them? Buhari has lost legitimacy. How can you rehabilitate killer Boko Haram and devastate peaceful protesters and still expect to dominate in Abuja? #BuhariMustGo!.”

Unarmed #EndSARS protesters shot by solders are being rejected at government hospitals.

Many Nigerians have described this sad incident as massacre of Nigerian citizens while others have tagged it as a “Black Tuesday” 20/10 /2020 in Nigeria’s history.

We have had various news from correspondents from the scene as they claim that the death toll amounts to 76 people, while numerous other people were injured. I should have posted pictures but it’s too gory to watch.

Many Nigerians have faulted President Buhari, Senator Bola Tinubu, Governor Sanwo-Olu, and the Armys leadership for the killing of the protesters.

Former United States presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has made a public appeal to Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari to end the killing of peaceful protesters.

“I’m calling on @mbuhari and the @hqnigerianarmy to stop killing young #EndSARS protesters. #StopNigeriaGovernment,” Clinton tweeted on Tuesday.

The Nigerian Army is currently in a fix on how to evacuate the bodies of Nigerians who were massacred tonight at the Lekki toll gate.

According to our correspondent, the Lagos state police command rejected the remains of the Nigerians who were brutally killed in Lekki.

It was also reported that a Major in the Nigerian Army called a Deputy Commissioner of Police in Lagos on Tuesday night, informing him of the need to take possession of the bodies and register them at the morgue.

The Police however refused and asked the army to handle the depositing of the bodies at the morgue.

The truth of the matter stands which people need to understand.

Who controls toll Gates?, Who ordered the removal of light from the toll gate?, who ordered the Removal of the CCTV from the toll gate?. Once you know who has the authority over the aforementioned, then you will know who was responsible for the shootings.

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