Brig Gen. FO Omata did not order the killing at Lekki Toll Gate

Brig Gen. FO Omata

Brig Gen. FO Omata did not order the killing at Lekki Toll Gate as earlier Speculated.

Francis didn’t command the soldiers nor was he there when shots were fired. Francis’ a Brigadier General of the Lagos Garrison was at home when this occurred and he was shocked when people started calling him that soldiers were at the Toll gate shooting.

He rushed to the scene and arrived about 39 mins after. He identified himself and moved to pull back the soldiers. It was then he discovered that the soldiers were from there 65 Battalion Bonny camp led by their commanding officer one Lt Col S. O. Bello.

As I write the soldiers and their C/O Lt Col Bello are still writing reports as they authorities want to know who authorized the military to go to the scene.

Pls note that a General does a not lead a small battalion so there’s no way Francis a General would be commanding or leading a motley crowd of soldiers.

His only mistake was that when he got to the scene he was screaming his name to alert the soldiers about his presence and people at the scene picked that up and ran with it