Umo, Editor, National Times

Not that I’m against protest,after all,those who know me can attest to the fact that I used to lead fiercest protests in time past. Now,I may develop some restraints in spearheading this because of age and family responsibilities, but in reality, I don’t hate the ‘game’.

As we are going on with these protests, the kind that is canvassing for on the poster below,let’s do it with civility, let’s be circumspect and wary of antics of bad elements amongst us.

The caption:UYO INDEFINITE PROTEST depicts something serious. There are those who would carry on with the seriousness of the matter within the ambit of the law,also,there are those, especially the street urchins,who WILL seize the window to unleash terror on unsuspecting members of the society.

Pls the organizers of this particular protest should keep measures and parameters on ground to check the excesses of these sons lucifer.

That’s my take…..and I go in peace