Opinion: If Buhari Fails To End The Protest Today, Here Are 5 Things That May Happen In Nigeria

Opinion: Here are 5 things that may happen in Nigeria if Buhari fails to end the protest today.

The recent demonstrations in the south-west, south-east, south-south, and recently in the northern part of the country are a source of concern for both Nigerians and the international community as a whole.

Nigerians have been on the Street for five days now to declare their indignation at the unarmed Nigerians’ persistent assaults and abuse by the Men of the special anti-robbery unit.

The protest was that Nigerians both at home and abroad were strongly committed to appealing to the government to pursue a permanent solution to the rot in the police, and to the additional legal killings carried out by people in the region.

The EndSars campaign, now being undertaken in the area, was Nigerians who do their everyday activities as a result of their constant killing, abuse, and brutality. The # EndSars campaign again came into focus after SARS men killed a young boy in the state of River, brutalizing another boy in the state of Delta recently, according to the reports.

The victims of the violence died or suffered a life-long injury that is a danger for them to live a long life.

In fact, some of the Nigerian people who came to the country at some point or the other testified that when they were being harassed and beaten in the country often because they were driving nice cars or dressing in a nice towel, and this made the country even more a laughable body in the international community.

The protest has become bloody in places like Oyo, the lagos state according to the online video and lmages so it is gaining momentum and could intensify beyond its reach very soon.

In this post, we shall look at writers’ opinions on 5 major issues that are likely to occur if Buhari finds no durable solution to stop today’s protest.

1. Prolonged Civil Unrest And Possible Retaliation.

It is often mentioned that anywhere there is conflict between security forces and the people, nonviolent demonstrations lead to civil disturbances, and that experience is not always a positive one.

The latest peaceful movement against police brutality, intimidation and killing has left many people dead and many people in various parts of the world endangered lives.

Recall that recently, a news filtered into social media indicates that the head of the military is not just the police but that the chairman declined to subscribe to the use of troops to confront demonstrators.

If the President is forced to adhere to the proposal, the nation will receive major bloodshed, due to the disproportionate force used by the Army, to repress the people and fight back.

In the meantime, to add salt to the injury, the demonstrators opposed leaving the streets but continued to demonstrate peacefully until the FG fulfilled its demand and the police force underwent complete reform to ensure that all officers who commit crimes in one direction or the other were accordingly faced with the rage of law.

Naturally, every citizen is entitled to peacefully protest, but it can sometimes lead to retaliation, particularly if safety agencies are now facing and shooting the citizen.

However, if the clash and murder in the country persists, I believe that this will lead to violence and counter-attacks by the public, which will lead to civil unrest in the next few years.

President Buhari’s Federal Government Led must meet the protesters’ requirements and strike a permanent solution to the country’s case of intimidation and police violence.

2. Increased kidnapping and other crimes.

As a region, Nigeria is well known for abduction and other crimes, even if no one experiences problems or clashes.

This current problem in the country could bring a major gap in our architecture of defense. Two days ago citizens from the northern zone began protesting instability and police brutality, which in turn would permit the influx of various terrorist groups into the various regions to perpetrate malice against humanity because the region had previous security challenges.

Also, we must be mindful that expatriates, wealthy people and wealthy people around the world will be abducted for ransom as long as this protest continues, and this may pose a form of threat to the lives and health of individuals. So, if it happens, the kidnapped and plundered stores launch cases like armed robbery.

In my view, however, the country will be in great delays because the focus of many security forces, such as Police, DSS, Army and NSCDC is concentrated only on holding demonstrators against further protest and restoring peace and normality in various areas.

3. Economic Meltdown Of The Region.

Nigeria is a land full of milk and honey, but if this protest goes beyond reach, trust me the other way round.

The current struggle in that country will lead potential investors and business tycoons, for fear of losing them into aggressive and violent protestors, to withdraw their investments from the country.

In fact, most foreigners in the country choose to shut down their enterprises and leave instead of being able to see what they have developed over the years and then also suffer losses.

Furthermore, schools and health centers will be discontinued in order to prevent damage to students and trade between various regions of the world will be stopped in fear of losing their products and suppliers’ lives.

But when all this happens, the economic collapse and potential recession will plummet into the economy and many will lose their livelihoods.

4. Inflation of Goods And Services.

In my opinion, if the current protest continues in the country, inflation will continue and the rich and the poor in society won’t be doing well at all.

We are aware that the majority of business holders won’t want to risk their lives to trade in the region, that marketers are shutting their doors and staying at home.

From protests onwards, I found that the price of transportation from one place to the other increased by approximately 50%, while some commercial bus drivers had stopped operating in some part of the world because they had burned a lot of fuel on main roads every day due to gridlocks.

Agricultural products from the north are stuck because traders are afraid that some evil people in transit are capturing their product. If they chose to risk their lives, it is understood that the prices of goods and services in the various areas would dramatically increase, which means that the average man on the road could not afford such a price.

5. Slow Rate Of Development.

Over the years , Nigeria has lacked a great pace of growth as a result of policies pursued by various governments.

If the recent protest goes beyond the normal situation to find a permanent solution, then various types of growth, such as highways, good roads, portable water and high-quality water, building schools and much more that has already been taken into account in Budget 2020 will be denied to the various regions.

In my view, President M. Buhari’s federal government should resolve this problem and tackle people’s unrest on a timely basis.

Let us stop here for now. What do you believe about Nigeria ‘s current uproar and what should the government do to address the people’s requests?

Kindly make your opinion known on the comment section below.