“If I Catch Any Man In Room 306, He Will Beg Me For His Life”- 16 Years Old Girl Says On Facebook

Most social media users are aware of the trending video, popularly known as room 306. 

A 16 years old girl on Facebook has made a post related to the trending room 306 video.

For about three days now, beautiful Daberechi has been trending on Facebook over the kind of crazy photos and posts she creates. 

Today she has created another stir on Facebook with the post she made. She made a funny post and has gotten a lot of reactions to the post.

“If I catch any man in room 306, he will beg me for his life”- Daberechi said. No one knows how serious this lady was.

If this young girl really wants to get famous, to me this is not the right way to get famous. There are a lot of movie and comedy industries, why not join one if you want to get famous, Daberechi.

A lot of Facebook users have slammed her for making such posts, the 16 years old girl is seemingly looking for attention, she wants to get famous.

Here are some photos of the beautiful teenage girl and some screenshots of the post she made and some comments from some Facebook users.

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