Primate Ayodele Issues Prophecies About Nigeria On Independence Day.

Nigeria at 60: God angry with Buhari, country will breakup – Primate Ayodele issues prophecies on October 1

As Nigeria celebrates its 60th anniversary of independence, the chief of the INRI evangelical charismatic church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has issued an alert.

“Due to some of his administration’s practices, Primate Ayodele warned that” God is angry with the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In a statement he made, the clergyman said that with what’s going on in the Country, God will soon respond.

He claimed that the loss of life, disbelief in God, oppression and poor treatment of voters by those in government were the sins of the present government that brought the wrath of God upon them.

The Prophet also declared that in 2035 Nigeria will not be seen as one country and added that the 2050 vision being predicted was wrong.

It is necessary to note that, at present, some Yoruba groups are calling for Oduduwa Republic secession.

While he responded, Primate Ayodele claimed that Biafra and the Republic of Oduduwa will only remain by God’s intervention.

He urged President Buhari to be mindful of his government and take power.

“Nigeria will split up, God ‘s angry with the government of Buhari, Blood is too much, and life’s gone and Nigeria is sitting on a powdered pistol, this government does not believe in God, it believes in its wisdom, it rules itself, it doesn’t take its administration by Buhari.

God is angry because there is a lot of unfairness, problems and poor treatment of voters, God will respond soon, what will happen is that Nigeria will be divided.

In 2035, I do not see Nigeria as one country, and the 2050 vision is a fake vision.

“Biafra and the nation of Oduduwa came to remain, no one but God can stop it,” he said.