President Buhari Signs New Police Bill into Law -Says, Police can arrest without warrant

President Buhari signed a new police bill into law last week, and this bill gives police the right to arrest, without a warrant or court order, anybody who has something they THINK is stolen, or who they THINK is PLANNING to commit a crime.

The Act repeals the Police Act Cap. P19. Laws of the Federation, 2004, and provides for a more effective and well organized Police Force, driven by the principles of transparency and accountability in its operations and management of its resources.

Among others, the act also establishes an appropriate funding framework for the Police in line with what is obtainable in other Federal Government key institutions, enhances professionalism in the Force through increased training opportunities, and creates an enduring cooperation and partnership between the Police Force and communities in maintaining peace and combating crimes nationwide.

Buhari had in a memo dated September 16, 2020, communicated his assent to the Bill to the National Assembly, through the Clerk.