Fulani Herdsmen Behead 13 Travellers, Release One

13 people were killed in his presence. When it got to his turn to be killed, he told the kidnappers that he wants to call his father, Apostle Johnson Suleiman.

Apostle Johnson Suleiman has just secured the release of his kidnapped church member, Edwin Alex, by cursing the herdsmen and declaring them impotent.
Edwin who took to his social media page posted; “4th to 7th September were the worst days of my entire life. I was kidnapped and adopted by Fulani herdsmen on my way to Benin from Auchi on Friday.
“Join me to thank God for saving my life.
“I stayed 3 days with them. My car was scattered and destroyed by them, 13 persons killed right before my eyes even after collecting ransom from them.
“I stared at death in the face but God said it’s not yet my time. I just got released. Currently receiving treatment at the hospital. Join me and appreciate this God.

“The kidnappers got mad knowing Apostle Johnson Suleman’s number was the number I gave them to call, they refused to call him, they kept calling him names, later they summoned courage and they called him.
“However, instead of discussing ransom, dey were insulting him for always interfering in their business.
“Immediately My father told them that for this they have said, they will all be impotent for life, they all ended the call, later they started discussing within themselves to call him back after one of them said he tried testing his manhood but it was stiff but he wasn’t picking up their calls.
“They transferred the aggression to me, beat the day light out of me, all the people killed were all beheaded with a Cutlass, my life was preserved because of Grace.
“When they escorted me to the road to take a bus, the leader told me that “my juju dey work oh”
“I saw hell in these 3 days, stared at death in the face but still came out alive, all the time I was there, I didn’t pray for deliverance from the evil people, I was praying for God to accept my soul when I die because I was certain I would die.
“Glory to God. Hospital don Taya me already.”