Spiritual Intelligence and You

Train yourself to spiritual intelligence,don’t leave your life to chance.
A negative atmosphere is real! I have walked in it, so I can tell,
call it bad luck or misfortune.

Most people come from backgrounds where possibilities for success do not exist but through the operation of anointing somethings comes upon the lives of such people. A mantle or a mandate. This is how creation responds to us in different ways.

There are lives that will never rise until the right things are put in their rightful places.

When someone speaks negativity into you, don’t be ignorant about it. He or she is speaking from the strength of some kind of program.
Find out what the manipulating reality is and the key to change it.

Wicked and Unreasonable people do not speak out of ignorance.
Especially when someone is speaking to you from your village, don’t just say “it won’t happen” , Positive Confession is not enough. The Reality is attached to time. Sustenance of spiritual intelligence makes you superior to the other.

If that wonderful person says to you “Over my death body will you succeed” if you don’t know what to do that’s when you go panicking. Wicked people announce what they have finished even through their agents masquerading themselves as Prophets and seers in Man built temples. The saying “God forbid” does not count. Everything in your life has a representation in the realm of the spirit.

The spirits know the Laws that are working. In most environments that you walk into; in certain places, from opening prayer to the grace in fellowship you find instantaneous changes.

This is because they’re able to manipulate higher Laws of life to bring those changes. Even without your Prayers, Tithing, Offering, talking into being, you find certain things happening. It is based on the Covenant of that environment.

There are higher 👆 spiritual Laws contending against others. Most times you walked into such environments with pain in your body and left without such. In most cases on getting home the pain returns that is a sign that something needs to happen permanently in your life.

You have a responsibility to keep your breakthrough. No matter how born again you could be, the devil can still use you as rag if you lack a sound mind. Your level of enlightenment determines your Altitude.

2 Corinthians 4:18 says “While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen”

Usually you say :
I Want money in my bank account
I need a Job
I need a good home
I need a Companion
In this greedy world, who taught you its that easy?
Why do we experience misfortunes in our lives?
Why is it that things are not working well in our families? 🤔

If nothing is working, it is because nothing has not been done in the right direction.

It is the will of God for you to triumph in this half of the year and every opposing force must give way in Jesus name, Amen

They are people the moment money enters their pockets, another Law picks it. The pocket is like a hole..

If you are experiencing such, say this prayer: In the name of Jesus, I take responsibility for creating the realities of things in my life, circumstances will not determine the outcome of my life, I will harness them to my advantage in Jesus name. Amen

If You desire a change, don’t just sit down 👇 and say “one day he go better” . You need help 😣 ;Helpers don’t arise like that, they are called. Don’t leave your life to chance. Chains have to fall off your head.
Declare to yourself : If i am not part of the programming, I can’t be a victim of the manifestation. Dont say “if God wants it”.
Arise and take full responsibility of your life

I believe in vengeance. The Bible says in Isaiah 63:4 KJV
For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.

The keys to this mastery of Spiritual Intelligence include ;
Prayer :
James 5:16 The effective prayer of the righteousness is dynamic in it’s working especially if the prayer is initiated by the Spirit of God himself and not just at your usual time
If you pray when there is an urge to pray the spirit of God searches the heart of God for you. Prayer is a mystery that can help you reprogram reality.

Sacrifice can equally reprogram your life. In Psalms 50 :5.
It took sacrifice to place your family in that state.
It’s not necessarily a sacrifice of finance.

It could be a sacrifice of praise, dance, honor, seed🌱
Don’t steal from the house of God: Remember Gehazi who carried Leprosy.

Issac, when he wanted to release a blessing on Esau asked for Venison
Appreciate little gift given to you by God”s servant if any, place a value on it. It is meant to reprogram your life.

Most time you have terrible experience because of who you met.as Men of God. Pay attention to how your environment treats you spiritually.

Be careful who Lays hands on you. I have seen Pastors, Prophets, Deacons and Deaconess lay hands on the people and took away their glory, most times they took away their grace leaving them in shame. Satan is a smart businessman, he does nothing for free.

Flee from every appearance of evil 😈. Your body is God’s temple, they are unethical practices you should avoid.

Identify a need in line with God’s word and meet in the house of God, in your environment and even societally. It should be done according to his leading and your ability. God sees your heart ♥

Prophecy can change situations when done properly
One of the benefits of being in the house of God is to avail yourself of Prophecy to intercept the undesirable things in your life
When you are in the right environment you triumph.

A little Prophetic guidance will break you out of some Levels
1 Samuel 9, 10
For deliverance to happen, There has to be a level grace upon that Man of God (Minister)

The grace to pray and reprogram your life is available, it is not automatic, you need to pray to bring down his glory. If you do nothing, you get nothing, anointing doesn’t just come to you. It is provoked. You can easily pray your way out of every curse, out of every limitation using the name of Jesus

If you earnestly desire this higher life,
Then Pray/Declare:
■In the name of Jesus, 2× Every limitation placed over my life, placed over my destiny, l reprogram you now
●Oh God of heaven, the father of spirits remove every embargo manipulated by preisthood over my life, over my Career, over my marriage, over my business, on my ministry, over my Children.
●In the name of Jesus, every door, every gate in the realm of the spirit assigned to open for my good that has been closed, I prophesy upon you be opened now
●Door of the next Chapter of Breakthrough, I realign you
●In the name of Jesus, I speak to Spirits, I speak to covenants, I speak altars holding my life, holding my destiny, by the Covenant of the blood release my destiny now.
●In the name of Jesus, every physical reality reoccurring in my life that I do not like what ever programed you in the realm of the spirit, I cancel that programming now
●In the name of Jesus I declare that every element of the supernatural that has been hijacked by the power of darkness to work against me, I come against you with the wrath of a higher priesthood, I stop your operations now.
●In the name of Jesus, any spiritual and human agents who are in partnership to fight me, I release Judgment against you.

●In the name of Jesus, Oh earth hear the word of the Lord, oh wind hear the word of the Lord, I declare to all the elements of the supernatural; bring my breakthrough, bring my blessings, bring my favor, I speak to the earth, I provoke my Portion. 
●In the name of Jesus, I speak to my helpers, every Law, stopping you from coming to my help, I release you now, manifest in my life 
●  In the name of Jesus, Covenants associated with my family, every altar associated with the pains of my family, as an Ambassador, I stand on behalf of my love ones and I cancell those ordinances. (Ordinances of death, badluck, poverty... Negative ordinances). 
●In the name of Jesus, Father visit and break negative patterns, repeated negative patterns of my life . 
●Every negative voice that speaks to my spirit making me believe it is the voice of God, be silenced 

I challenged every Anti-Christ voice mascurading as the holy Ghost giving you instructions, misleading your spirit, activating wrong laws to act against you, I release Judgment upon it now.

I Command that blinding spirit to leave you now… In Jesus Name
I prophesy upon your life, carry favor in Jesus name… Amen


Dunamis Church Pastor, Enenche Punishing Five #BuhariMustGo Activists Over SaharaReporters’ Stories Against Him, Father-in-law— Source

Dunamis Church Pastor, Enenche Punishing Five #BuhariMustGo Activists Over SaharaReporters' Stories Against Him, Father-in-law— Source

The Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr Paul Enenche, has asked the Department of State Services (DSS) not to release the five #BuhariMustGo protesters arrested on the church premises until SaharaReporters delete two stories against him and his father-in-law, Professor John Ibu, a source has said.

The youths wearing #BuhariMustGo branded shirts were arrested on Sunday, July 4, 2021.

The church security team was said to have arrested the activists and handed them over to the DSS, Nigeria’s secret police.

Speaking to SaharaReporters, a top official of the DSS said the five #BuhariMustGo campaigners were still being detained because of two stories written by the newspaper against the cleric and his father-in-law.

He said, “Don’t be deceived, Dr. Enenche is actually lying about working to get them released. Backstage, he (Enenche) doesn’t want them released except SaharaReporters deletes the story written against his father in-law and another one written against the church last year, I think it was a story about a former pastor of the church accusing Eneche of sending him to prison on trumped-up charges.

“He told us it was Omoyele Sowore that sent the boys to his church and he (Sowore) should be punished by the prolonged detention of the guys.”

SaharaReporters on June 27, 2020 published that one Pastor Abraham Daniel, a former member of Dunamis International Gospel Centre revealed how Eneche falsely accused him and had him imprisoned on trumped-up charges.

Daniel claimed Eneche and other pastors were angry at him for leaving the church while also claiming that he (Daniel) publicly criticised the cleric in his Facebook posts that revealed the activities of the church.

He added that while he was in prison, he lost his business and his wife also left with their five children after being influenced by the church. 

He said, “I was ordained as a pastor in 2010. In 2014, I was posted to New Karu as the residence pastor. While I was there, we started a school. I wanted a school that would be almost free for church members but an instruction came from the headquarters that I should not run the school freely, so I had to stop the whole plan.

“I wrote on my Facebook post telling churches in Nigeria to encourage members’ development and also help members. I also wrote that Christians now celebrate pastors instead of focusing on Jesus and the teachings of the Bible.

“I later lost interest in the church, wrote a letter of resignation, it was accepted and I left. The pastor (Eneche) called me and was insulting me because I left the church. He sent his pastors to start calling my wife to pester me to return to the church.

“This put my family in disarray as my wife pestered me until I closed the ministry and ensured I returned to Dunamis Church. I left again, then suddenly things went rogue. A number called me that he needed my Uber service and we met unknowingly to me that they were police.

“They took me to Karu Police Station, saying that they arrested me because of what I wrote against Pastor Eneche.”

He added that he was moved to another police station in Abuja and the church insisted that he must be taken to court.

He was eventually charged to court and remanded in prison pending his bail application.

Daniel also said the church made false allegations while testifying in court, which made the judge send him to prison before he was granted another bail.

The newspaper in 2021 also reported how the Chairman of Benue State University Teaching Hospital and the father of Enenche’s wife, Becky, Professor John Ibu, was arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for alleged N24.6 million fraud.

Checks by SaharaReporters revealed that Becky was formerly known as Rebecca Inyangbe Ibu before marriage.

On June 28, the EFCC announced that its Makurdi Zonal Office arraigned her father alongside one Chief Abukenchi Suleiman and his company, ADB Motors Venters Nigeria Limited before Justice Abdu Dogo of the Federal High Court sitting in Makurdi, Benue State.

They were arraigned on charges of conspiracy and obtaining N24, 650,000 (Twenty-Four Million, Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira only) by false pretences.

The EFCC alleged that the duo obtained the said sum from the Benue State University Teaching Hospital under the guise of purchasing a Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2018 Model which was never bought.

The anti-corruption agency noted that the offence is contrary to Section 8(a) of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act, 2006 and punishable under section 1(3) of the same Act.

Count one of the charge reads: “That you, Professor John Ibu, being the Board Chairman, Benue State University Teaching Hospital, you Chief Abukenchi Suleiman, being the Managing Director ADB Motors Ventures Nigeria Ltd and you, ADB Motors Ventures Nigeria Ltd sometime in July 2019 within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court, with intent to defraud conspired amongst yourselves and obtained the sum of N24,650,000 (Twenty Four Million Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira only) from the Benue State University Teaching Hospital Board for the purchase of a Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2018 Model under false pretences that you have the capacity to supply which pretence you knew was false and thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 8(a) of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act, 2006 and punishable under section 1(3) of the same Act.”

Count two reads: “That you, Professor John Ibu, being the Board Chairman, Benue State University Teaching Hospital sometime in July 2019 within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court, did use your position to confer an unfair advantage to yourself by collecting a bribe, to the tune of N10, 900,000 (Ten Million Nine Hundred Thousand Naira only), from one Chief Abukenchi Suleiman of ADB Motors Ventures Nig. Ltd, on behalf of Atirogo & Sons Enterprises, paid into Access Bank account Number 0049185884, a company you’re the Managing Director and thereby committed an offence, contrary to Section 19 of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act 2000 and punishable under the same Act.”

However, the defendants pleaded “not guilty” to the charges preferred against them.

First Bank staff, petrol station MD arrested for N900m POS fraud

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Monday, arraigned Naankang Dawan, his companies – Taen Nigeria Ltd and Lataen Engineering Ltd – alongside Moruf Tunji Olukanmi before Justice D. V Agishi of the Federal High Court, Jos, Plateau.

They face a 31-count charge bordering on conspiracy, money laundering and obtaining more than N908million by false pretence.

Naankang Dawan (first defendant), who inherited companies including a petrol station from his family, allegedly connived with some staff of First Bank, including Olukanmi (fourth defendant), to defraud costumers using a Point of Sale (POS) terminal allocated to him.

Dawan’s accomplices, all at large, include Doyin Adesanya, Samuel Temitope Falese, Ebenezer Oni Kehinde and Mariam Babatunde Olabisi.

The charge said between October 2017 to November 2017, they manipulated First Bank’s POS terminal issued to Taen Nigeria Limited and credited the company’s account no: 2025956973 domiciled with First Bank with the sum of N908,108,974.

EFCC told the court that the defendants committed an offense contrary to Section 30(1) of the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention, Etc.) Act, 2015.

Dawan and others pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Benjamin Manji, prosecution counsel, asked for a trial date and that the suspects be remanded at the correctional Centre pending trial.

A. G. Yirvoms, defence counsel, informed the court of a pending application for the bail of his clients.

After listening to both parties, Justice Agishi adjourned the case until July 26, 2021 for consideration of bail application and October 6, 2021 for trial.\

BREAKING: Chidinma Ojukwu List Those Involved In Super TV CEO Death

Following the Super TV CEO Death, Chidinma Ojukwu has confessed to killing Super TV CEO alone while naming an internet fraudster who assisted her in falsifying the deceased documents.

Chidinma Ojukwu, the 300-Level Mass Communication student of the University of Lagos, UNILAG, who was arrested last Wednesday, over the murder of Chief Executive Officer, Super TV, Usifo Ataga, in a service apartment in the Lekki area of Lagos State has revealed that she sees Usifo’s face in her dream.

This is just as more facts have emerged on how she murdered 50-year-old Usifo.

At a chance meeting with the 21-year-old lady, she said she wished she would wake up to discover that the whole drama was only a dream.

She said: “ I have never had peace since the day I was arrested. Never in my wildest imagination did I envisage I would kill a human being. I see his face in my dream every night. At times I would be scared to sleep.

“I have been begging God for forgiveness. This is not what I wanted for myself. I don’t know what fate holds for me.

“I am also begging his family to forgive me, especially his children. Ah! God, what have I done?” she exclaimed, burying her face in her palms.

While maintaining that she carried out the killing alone, Chidinma told detectives at the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, SCIID, Yaba that she was able to overpower the deceased because he was weak.

She revealed that late Usifo became weak after taking three wraps of Rohypnol while she took one wrap. She stated that she strangled Usifo before stabbing him.

Her claim has confirmed the Ataga family’s insinuation that Usifo’s neck was discovered to have been broken during an inspection of his body in the morgue.

Internet fraudster indicted:

Meanwhile, detectives are on the manhunt for a suspected drug addict and internet fraudster (names withheld), who Chidinma claimed to have assisted her to falsify the deceased’s documents after she escaped from the service apartment in Lekki Phase 1, abandoning Usifo’s lifeless body.

She disclosed that the deceased earlier gave her his Automated Teller Machine, ATM, card to withdraw some money to buy some clothes but that she did not withdraw much.

Thereafter, she said she contacted the internet fraudster to help her withdraw more money.

As at yesterday, the internet fraudster, who got wind of Chidinma’s arrest, had bolted from his abode. But the Police assured they would get him to answer questions on what he knew about Usifo’s death.

According to Vanguard, since Usifo’s death, his estranged wife and mother of two, Brenda, had not visited the SCIID. Vanguard was reliably informed that she would be invited for questioning, owing to information at detectives disposal.

Police beef security :
Meanwhile, Police have beefed up security around the suspect to avoid any situation that could truncate investigation.

Presently, only her father is allow to visit her. Journalists are also barred from speaking with her.

This move, according to Police sources, was also aimed at avoiding a situation whereby any untoward incident will happen to her. For instance, her food is served by the Police, as outsiders are barred from bringing in food for her.

Super TV: Family and His Killer Speak Up.

Chidima, the killer of Super TV Boss begs his family for forgiveness, speaks on drug use, childhood

With investigation still ongoing into the circumstances surrounding the death of the Chief Executive Officer, Super TV, Usifo Ataga, the prime suspect, Chidinma Ojukwu, during an exclusive interview with Sunday PUNCH on Saturday, said she doesn’t want to die over the case.

Amid cries, the University of Lagos undergraduate said, “I regret killing Mr Ataga. I don’t know what my future holds but I don’t want to die. Please, I don’t want to die because of this case. I have not killed before.

“I was just trying to comport myself to answer questions during the parade and not that I am not showing remorse. I totally regretted everything I did and I am sorry. Mr Ataga’s family, I am deeply sorry for what I did. If I had my life back, I wouldn’t do anything like that. I am deeply sorry and I hope you forgive me.”

Chidinma and Ataga reportedly lodged in a service apartment in the Lekki area of Lagos State and the corpse of the latter was discovered the next day in the room and the former fled, thus raising suspicion of her complicity in his death.

The police said they went after her and tracked her down at her father’s Alagomeji, Yaba residence.

Upon her arrest, Chidinma attributed her action to the influence of hard drugs and alcohol.

Speaking while being paraded by the police, Chidinma said she met the late Ataga about four months ago. Chidinma also said that she and Ataga were “having fun” when an argument broke out and she stabbed him twice after which she withdrew N380, 000 from his account using his ATM card.

The police had also disclosed that an Information and Communication Technology unit recently created by the state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, tracked the suspect, who used different SIM cards– both Nigerian and foreign ones.


 Chidinma said her parents separated when she was two years old and she started living with her uncle, Chijioke Obi, in the Mushin area of Lagos State.

She added that while growing up, her childhood ambition was to become either a musician or an actress.

 The suspect stated, “My role models were Tiwa Savage, Beyonce, Rihanna, Genevieve, and Regina Hall. I schooled in Johnson Primary School and also a government primary school in Mushin. I later went to Sidman College in Sabo, Yaba. I was two-year-old when my parents separated, I was little, so while I was growing up, I stayed with my uncle, Mr Chijioke Obi, in Mushin. I don’t know if he bears Izu, but it was my uncle that trained me.”

Drug addiction

Upon completion of secondary school education, the suspect said she gained admission to study Mass Communication at the University of Lagos.

Asked about her assumed drug-induced lifestyle, Chidinma said, “I started smoking after I got into UNILAG.”

She also confirmed she’s the person in a trending video showing a lady puffing out cigarette smoke while soft music plays in the background.

She stated, “I am the one smoking in the trending video. I started smoking a few years ago. Old-time friends introduced me to it and we don’t talk anymore. Everything started after I entered UNILAG, but not actually when I am in school, it could be other places. But I am not the one in the other video (dissociating herself from another trending video showing a lady exhibiting her butt).”

Ataga took hard drugs, drank —Chidinma

On her relationship with Ataga, Chidinma described him as just a friend she met a few months back, faulting claims that he neither took hard drugs nor alcohol.

Narrating some of the moments she spent with the deceased, she said, “Mr Ataga was a friend and I don’t know how to elaborate more. He has not shown me pictures of his family but he sometimes acts like he was married and not that he is married (sic). I have met him up to four or five times; he takes drugs and drinks alcohol. It is not that I am trying to put anything together.’’

Also, the police said that on Thursday they released Chidinma’s father and the operator of the apartment where the incident happened, Mrs Nkechi Mogbo, on bail. The suspect’s father was arrested over what the police described as obstructing the arrest of her daughter while Mogbo had been in police custody after investigation identified her as the operator of the apartment.

Odumosu said, “Chidinma’s statement exonerated her father as she said that he was not aware of the incident. We released him. Also, the lady in our custody, one Mrs Nkechi Mogbo, who leased the flat from the property owner and used it for a service apartment, has been released on bail.

“After Magbo was arrested, she assisted the police because of the information she gave us. Now that we got the principal suspect, and the fact that the principal suspect confessed that she singularly committed the act, and equally went further to explain that she never met Nkechi Mogbo, but that she only phoned her and that they transacted all the business online, I have ordered her release on bail while we continue our investigation.’’  ,,

Family debunks police, Chidinma’s claims, states own facts

The family of the late Usifo Ataga, Super TV CEO, has spoken up for the first time since his killer lover was paraded in Lagos by the state police command on Thursday.

In a statement a spokesperson for Ataga’s relatives put out, there seems a iota of doubt in their take on the police theory—that Ataga’s girlfriend was solely responsible.

According to the police, Chidinma Ojukwu, a 300-level student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), stabbed her sugar daddy after both were high on drugs and alcohol and a misunderstanding ensued over sex.

“We, the Ataga Family, are grateful to the Nigerian Police for pursuing this investigation,” the family spokesperson Isi Ataga said in the statement.

“However, like you, we have many unanswered questions. Some things don’t add up.”

Isi tried to state their own facts.

“A little over a week ago, unknown persons savagely killed our beloved son, Usifo Ataga. With no regard for him, or his family, who love him, they viciously ended his life.”

Earlier the late CEO’s friends, like the family, had debunked the sugar daddy theory, saying Ataga was a responsible family man, and he might have been assassinated following a mega deal his TV streaming company just sealed.

The online world has not been making things easy for the Atagas since Chidinma confessed.

The death has been a laughing butt the social media enthusiasts have been using to hit sugar daddies in Nigeria.

“His children will grow up to read unkind, thoughtless words from thousands of people who have joined the lynching party in the press and the blogosphere,” said Isi.

“Our aging parents must now struggle to pick up the pieces amid a cacophony of misinformation propagated by strangers.”

He urged anyone with useful information to come forward and share it with the Police.

“We ask, sincerely, that you let us grieve this terrible loss with some privacy. This past week and a half has been the worst period of our lives.”

There’ s more to Chidima’s story, I think the security men will do more justice if they invite her friend that introduced the deceased to her for questioning and I think the friend will provide vital information that will enable them to handle the case properly. There are friends that help you to achieve your dream while some lead you to your destruction.

Choose your friends wisely: is not everyone that comes your way that is worthy of acceptance. This should serve as a lesson to everybody and I believe if security men use soft hand to follow her she will reveal more.

‘Aso Rock Cabal Has Signed A Document To Take Everything From Akwa Ibom’- Apostle Suleman Reveals

” The Cabal in ASO Rock has taken all that is owned in Akwa Ibom state in a document signed by the ” who is who” in the Federal Government, it has already been signed, it remains implementation, as I speak to you, nobody in the state knows, including the governor, soon Akwa Ibom may have nothing left, not even oil, no heritage for next generation, but we can pray and change it” Apostle Johnson Suleman prophesied.

The city of Uyo was on a standstill as Mboho Mpkarawa Ibibio Hall at Udo Udoma lane, Uyo, was filled to it’ s brim as the Restoration Apostle, Apostle, Prof Johnson Suleman, the Senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministry, caused trouble in the oil city of Uyo as expected.

In the year’ s program called ” Generational Impact” which is the Apostle’ s commitment to holding crusade in all Nigerian states, and also to meet up with the vision of the commission to connect 2 billion souls to God, it was Akwa Ibom’ s turn as the Apostle of Restoration was live in Uyo from 22nd to 23rd of June, evening and morning sessions respectively.

During the evening session of the meeting, the man of God highlighted a revelation he received from God as he slept, he said he saw the Cabal in Aso Rock take everything from the state and as he speaks, it was already signed in a document awaiting implementation.

Unlike other meetings, governor Emmanuel Udom was not there, speaking further, Apostle said, ” Me and the governor are neither friends nor enemies, so you can tell him if he cares”

As he concluded, he beckoned on the sons of the Prophets with host of other indigenes of the state to observe a fast for the state so that God will reverse it. The prayers was however taken the next morning session and the man of God prayed and declared words on the state as a father and cancelled it.

FUEL PRICE HIKE: NNPC GMD says Petrol May Sell for N256 Per Litre

Mele Kyari

Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, Mele Kyari, has said the price of petrol in the country should be N256 per litre and not the current selling price of N162 per litre.

This was made known by Mr. Kyari while speaking at a stakeholders meeting organised by the NNPC to stop fuel smuggling.

Commenting on the current PMS and subsidy payment, Mr Kyari noted that the petrol pump price should be N256 per litre given the current exchange rate.

“If we are to sell at the market today at the current exchange rate, we will be selling the product at about N256 to a litre. What we sell today is N162, so the difference is at a cost to the nation,’’ he said.

According to him, the country cannot sustain subsidy payment with the high volume of daily consumption, pointing out that the country coughs up N150 billion every month on subsidy.

The NNPC boss further explained, “As long as we don’t regulate volume until we are able to exit this current level, which I know so much work is going on, then we have to manage the volume that we are exposed to between this price of N162 and N256. The difference comes back to as much as N140 billion to N150 billion cost to the country monthly.

“As long as the volume goes up, that money continues to increase, and we have two sets of stress to face: the stress of supply and stress of foreign exchange for the NNPC. We may not see foreign exchange cheque taking place for importation.’’

Meanwhile, despite an upswing in the global price of crude oil and attendant blessings for oil-producing countries, the price of aviation fuel has spiked nationwide and much to the pains of airlines and travelers in Nigeria.

A fact-check showed that aviation fuel, also called Jet A-1, has lately sold for between N215 at airports in the South and N300/per litre in low traffic aerodromes in the Northern region of the country.

The price had risen in April 2021 to between N250 and N275 per litre, which was about a 200 per cent increase from 2016, when it was sold at N110. It rose to N200 in 2018, hovering around N160 and N170 in 2019.

An average 50 per cent surge in fuel cost, a critical component of airlines’ operation, has also forced airlines to increase airfares with an average Economy Class ticket on less than an hour flight selling for over N65,000.   

There are fears of fuel contamination in some quarters, which experts say, could threaten flight safety. Engr. Femi Adeniji of Tropical Arctic Logistics, a helicopter operator, said any jet fuel cheaper than N270 could have been contaminated.

Chairman and CEO of United Nigeria Airlines, Dr. Obiora Okonkwo, decried the development, which he said, has added to the cost of operation.

Okonkwo, whose airline debuted about four months ago, said: “We started operations at N160 per litre barely four months ago and when you move from that price to over N270 within two months, you should expect whatever we are experiencing now. Aviation fuel alone takes between 30 to 40 per cent of airlines’ costs. This is cause for grave concern to everyone.”

It was learnt that the extra burden on end-user airlines and travelers alike is not unconnected with the naira-to-dollar exchange rate, logistics hiccups of importing the product through chaotic Apapa ports, and more expensive distribution to nationwide airports by road.

Aside from the multiple taxes and charges on the product, the monopoly of marketers at less viable airports has also raised the price by some notches – making the product one of the most expensive in the West African region.

Indeed, aviation fuel is the oxygen of the airline business. Though an oil-producing nation and the sixth largest producer in the world, Nigeria’s perennial inability to refine the product locally has made jet fuel susceptible to dictates of the exchange rate, and therefore expensive, accounting for between 30 to 40 per cent of airlines’ operating cost.

Of dire consequence is the recent appreciation of crude oil price to $73.5 per barrel in the world market, and Naira’s free-fall to N500/$1 at home. At these rates, the landing cost of all imported products, including aviation fuel, could only reach for the rooftop.

But the dynamics of aviation fuel is more complicated. As a deregulated arm of the dollar-dependent aviation industry, jet fuel price is directly proportional to the price of crude oil. However, during the plunge of crude oil price late last year, aviation fuel prices did not fall accordingly.

Chief Operating Officer of CITA Petroleum, a major marketer in local aviation, Olasimbo Betiku, said Nigeria is a “situational economy” where pricing is heavily hinged on logistics cost elements.

Betiku said besides the dollar and liquidity constraints, transporting the product through poor infrastructure readily keeps the price comparatively high.

He explained that the product, like others, comes into the country through the Lagos ports, while intractable congestion at Apapa causes a delay in cargo clearance of between four and seven days or more. 

Stakeholders were unanimous that for each idle day, an importer pays between $10,000 to $25,000 extra charter cost per vessel. At more efficient ports, like Cotonou in Benin Republic where clearance takes between three to four hours, such add-on costs do not apply.

The risk of conveying the product in trucks remains a challenge in the sector. Since the early 90s, moving aviation fuel from the Mosimi pipeline to Lagos airport has been abandoned for more expensive road transport. While the cost of transportation within Lagos is about N3 per litre, it is about N15 per litre travelling up North as far as Maiduguri.

Super TV CEO Murdered in Cold Blood

Mr Usifo Ataga.

Controversy is hovering over what led to the death of the Chief Executive Officer of entertainment channel, Super TV, Mr Usifo Ataga.

Online reports claimed that an alleged mistress stabbed him to death with multiple wounds found in several parts of his body after they lodged in a place in the Lekki area of Lagos. The sum of N5m was said to have been withdrawn from his bank account and his phones, debit cards and other valuables reportedly missing.

But some of his close friends who spoke concerning the incidence on Saturday debunked the claims, saying the deceased was murdered and not a philanderer.

One of the deceased’s friends who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak on behalf of the family said he had known Ataga for 25 years.

The close associate added that the deceased was on the verge of “one of the greatest breakthroughs Nigeria has ever seen” through his media establishment, Super TV, a mobile-enabled platform with two major telecommunication multinationals on board to create affordable subscription rates.

He added, “The circumstances under which he was murdered speak of torture. He wasn’t given one blow or shot once and left alone. There are multiple stab wounds on different parts of his body. It appears that someone was trying to get information out of him, and then the final (stab) in his neck was to take his life.

“Is it possible that someone wanted him out of the way? I’m not saying that is what happened. But he was a family man whose life was snuffed out needlessly. He came from a respectable family. Wednesday was his birthday.

Another friend, Rotimi Albert, whose relationship with Ataga began in 1982 at the Federal Government College, Warri, Delta State, and continued into the University of Benin and beyond, described him as a God-fearing, kind and loving man, who had a positive effect on the lives of everybody he came in contact with.

“The police are working diligently to solve this case and I am confident the perpetrators will be brought to justice. Then all the facts will be clear to everybody. I am hoping that they can stop all the social media stories and let the police do their work,” he said.

When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said he was going to get back to our correspondents but had yet to do so as of the time of this report.

However, a source told our correspondents that the facility manager of the service apartment where the tragic incident took place had been arrested, adding that efforts were on to arrest the fleeing suspect.

The source said, “Investigation is ongoing in Lagos and Abuja, we have the facility manager of the service apartment in our custody and we are interrogating him. The service apartment does not have enough security measures in place that would have prevented such a thing. There was no CCTV camera, if there was a CCTV camera, that would have assisted us in identifying the girl. The management is assisting us and efforts are on to arrest the girl.”

When contacted, the state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, said efforts were on to arrest the fleeing suspect, adding that the victim and the suspect had been lodging in the apartment for now fewer than three days.

He stated that the victim met the suspect in the apartment, adding on the day of the incident, the victim was scheduled to travel to Abuja to celebrate his birthday with his family.

He added that the suspect in custody was a tenant who had been using the flat for service apartment, adding that she had been assisting the police investigation.

Fulani bandits Saliu, Suleiman busted with AK-47 rifle in Oyo

Amotekun arrests two armed bandits in Oyo

Operatives of the Oyo State Security Network code-named Amotekun has apprehended two suspected armed bandits.

Amotekun media unit announced the arrest of the two suspects in a statement on Thursday stating that they were nabbed with an AK47 rifle, pump Action, and a Dane gun.

The suspects identified as Mumini Saliu, aged 45, and 25-year-old Ibrahim Suleiman were nabbed at Alapa Village, Lanlate town in Ibarapa East Local Government Area.

“Saliu and Suleiman had 82 rounds 7.62 ammunition, and 7 cartridges amongst other harmful weapons in their possession when they were arrested,” the statement revealed.

Reportedly, the suspects who are of Fulani extraction could only speak in their language and they revealed that they were recruited from Katsina State by their leader.

The leader of the group escaped arrest while approaching on a motorcycle and made a U-turn on sighting Amotekun’s patrol van.

Amotekun media unit said the suspects had been handed over to the Director of State Services (DSS), Oyo State Command, for further investigation.

The Guilty Are Afraid As Bakassi Boys Return To Anambra

Fear has engulfed many people as Bakassi Boys return to the South East.

Fears As Bakassi Boys Return To South East

The Vigilante group known as Bakassi Boys has returned to the South East years after the group was disbanded.

The dreaded vigilante group popularly known as ‘Bakassi boys’ who had years back engaged in killing those suspected to be evil, Wicked and Unreasonable in Anambra state has resurfaced in the state.

Our correspondence gathered that the Vigilante group during the tenure of Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju engaged in jungle justice as non of their victims was allowed to be tried in the court of Law.

The group came back to crush cultists and other criminals who are now ravaging the peace of the state.

As told through Our Correspondence, over ten people have been reportedly killed by the Bakassi boys since weekend.

A source told this meduim that a video of the arrival of the dreaded vigilante group was  watced in Awka, the state capital at the weekend.

A resident petrol attendant in Awka told Our Correspondence the story of how her customer, “a Keke driver was shot by the Bakassi Boys and the bullet couldn’t penetrate his skin after which he was macheted and burnt alive”.

Our Reporters also gathered that the Bakassi Boys were invited by the indigenes of Awka to help them checkmate the excessess of cultists and other criminal activities that have eaten deep into the fabric of the community.

A source said that Secret cult activities have eaten deep into the hearts of many youths in Anambra state and the entire country.

According to him, Awka indigenes earlier last year brought an idol that would help them to curtail the evil of cult boys in the area which he said did not work.

Reacting to the development, the police spokesman Ikenga Tochukwu said he had no information about the activities of Bakassi Boys, but a senior official confirmed that they arrived on Saturday.

“That’s the only thing I can tell you for now, let’s see how things work out in days and weeks to come,” he said.

“If they engage in jungle justice, nobody will talk, especially the lawyers and human rights groups, but when police engage in such, the whole world will tumble and that’s what the state deserves at this moment, ” the source said.